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All of our boiler installs come with a standard 3-year warranty on parts and labor.


* Subject to completing regular services and maintenance, please read our terms and conditions

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Boiler Repair, Installation and Maintenance

Boilers can increase the energy efficiency in your home and often they have a longer lifespan vs a Water Heater. Speak to one of our experts to see which option is best for you and your home.

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We are Calgary’s Boiler Experts. We have stunning online reviews for our Boiler services, and we also offer a satisfaction guaranteed service.

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When you invite Instant Plumbing for a Boiler consultation, we’ll discuss the options of whether a boiler or a hot water tank will be a better fit for your home. We are here to answer your questions and provide you with the best solution.


We Provide Installation, Maintenance and Repairs for Residential Boilers.

What are the benefits of a residential boiler?

  • It replaces your furnace and water heater, which can save space in your mechanical room.
  • It’s more energy efficient than a water heater. And you’re no longer powering two separate appliances.
  • It has a significantly longer life expectancy than a water heater.
  • Radiant heating provides consistently even heat throughout the home.
  • It creates an uninterrupted supply of hot water.

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Hot water tank regulations are changing to require increasingly more energy efficient models in your home. While this is great for the environment, it can be not-so-great for your wallet. Fortunately, boilers can be an economical solution when compared to the cost of high efficiency water heaters.

For example, if you have a furnace and a water heater, you’re constantly powering two appliances. And to keep a supply of hot water ready, water heaters need to run all the time. As a result, they’re less efficient than a boiler.

Most boiler models also come with a lifetime warranty. Because it heats water indirectly, boilers don’t suffer from degradation over time. In comparison, due to hard water conditions in Calgary, hot water tanks experience interior corrosion. To extend the life of a hot water tank, specialized anode rods need to be replaced every 3 to 5 years. Even then, most hot water tanks only last 10 years.

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Regular Maintenance will save you money

Maintenance Requirements for Your Boiler

Like your furnace, boilers should be looked at by a professional for annual maintenance. There are also a few things you can do to ensure everything stays in healthy, working order.

Once temperatures start to fall below 10 degrees Celsius, turn up your thermostat to test if your house is being thoroughly heated. If not, it’s time to give your local heating specialist a call. The good news is that catching the problem early will save you from cold, sleepless nights later!

Lastly, you can regularly check the axiom tank, or glycol feeder. Top it up with fluid glycol, as needed.

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