Breathe Easy With These Indoor Air Quality Tips

indoor air quality

Indoor Air Quality Advice From Your Calgary Plumbers

Breathe EasyIf you find yourself sneezing or sniffling, your family is getting sick more, or you’re waking up in the morning feeling stuffed up, the indoor air quality in your home may be to blame. Dust and dander in the air; off-gassing from new carpet, paint and upholstery; and all the bacteria and viruses that are especially rampant in the winter can have a detrimental effect on your health and that of your family. In fact, an EPA study found “levels of about a dozen common organic pollutants to be 2 to 5 times higher inside homes than outside.”

As Calgary’s Air Conditioning and Air Quality & Purification specialist we want to share the top culprits when it comes to poor indoor air quality, along with the best ways to clear the air:

Dust and Pollen

Because today’s homes are so well-sealed, without proper humidity and ventilation systems in place you effectively trap air contaminants like dust and pollen inside your home, giving them no way to escape. With the help of forced air heating, these particles float through the air, ending up in your sinuses and lungs.

Maintaining proper humidity is one of the best ways to clear the air of dust and pollen. Aside from just helping to keep your hardwood floors and solid wood furniture in top condition, ideal humidity also captures these particles from the air and causes them to settle, meaning they can be cleared out by air filters, or cleaned off the floor — most importantly, you’re no longer breathing them in!


It’s well-known how harmful mold can be, and even a small number of spores in the air can affect your breathing and health. When the highly effective moisture barrier around a modern house combines with the negative air pressure created by being so well-sealed, cold air seeps in through the exterior walls. And when this cold air meets the warm interior air, condensation happens. Unfortunately, where there is condensation, there is great potential for mold.

Your best defence against mold in the air is the Heat Recovery Ventilator in your furnace. The HRV is the system responsible for pulling fresh air in from outside and pushing stale air out in the process. To ensure that your furnace’s HRV and its heat recovery core are in top working condition, be sure to book your annual furnace maintenance calls on time each year.

Bacteria and Viruses

Anyone with kids in school can attest to the number of germs in the air, especially in the fall and early winter. But the rest of us notice the increase, too. You may find yourself getting sick more simply because you are spending more time in enclosed spaces where these bacteria and viruses are shared freely. Luckily, there are actions you can take at home to cut down on the sharing.

Using an air purifier like those offered by Bryant can really clear the air. Using Captures and Kills (TM) technology, these air purifiers capture pollen, dust mites and other contaminants as they pass, electrically charging them, killing any bacteria or viruses, and then clearing them out using a HEPA-grade filter — effectively inactivating 99% of pathogens and irritants.

You may also consider the CinQuartz Air Cleaner, which uses HEPA, UVC Ultra Violet Lights and Photo Catalytic Oxidation to remove and destroy allergens, dust, bacteria, viruses and all sorts of unpleasant odours.

If you’re concerned about improving the air quality in your home, call us today to find out which options make the most sense for your home, family and budget!

Thank you to our Journeyman Plumbers Shaun K. and Jason M. for providing the insight and expertise for this post!

Shaun is an expert in boiler and furnace installations. He takes his installs to a higher level and is committed to providing real solutions for his customers’ needs and concerns.

Jason was trained in the U.K. He displays a great knowledge of heating and indoor air quality products and how to best integrate that into residential use to improve customers’ overall satisfaction with their home environment.

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