Be Aware: Supply Tube Failures

In the last couple of months, we have received numerous call outs in relation to substantial water damages found in homes. After investigating the cause of the damages, we have found that the culprit has been the braided supply tubes that are used for toilets and sink faucets.

Unfortunately for these homeowners, the leaks have caused major disruption and some damages are into the tens of thousands.

Why are Supply Tubes Failing?

After looking at three different brands of suppliers of these tubes, they recommend that the supply tube is replaced depending on the manufacturer, between 5-12 years. Although this is a wide variation people should inspect them for flexibility and that the stainless steel line is not deteriorating.

Failures vary from splitting of the lines to complete blow offs.

We highly recommend that you check under all fixtures, these supply tubes can be, and are present in most homes now. The tubes can also be used to reconnect toilets and sinks after renovations have taken place.


Why is this happening now?

If we consider the amount of newly built homes in Calgary along with the lifespan of these tubes being between 5-12 years, it’s easy to connect the dots.

We highly recommend that you inspect your toilet and sink facets to review whether your home is in need of replacement supply tubes.

Increase Insurance Costs

As mentioned above, these losses have caused substantial damages. If you suffer one of these losses, you may have to pay a deductible that can be anywhere from $0 – $2,500 and your insurance rates may increase as a result of making a claim.

What if I need assistance?

Call Instant Plumbing & Heating at 403-338-1172 for advice. We can change your supply tubes and you will get our guarantee as well as the manufacturers. We also have some with built in shut offs if the burst to help mitigate the damage.

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    For evening, weekend or holiday service, please call (403) 338-1172.

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    George Pinel
    George Pinel

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