Why Choose Instant Plumbing for your Bathroom Vanity Calgary?

Planning a bathroom renovation sometime soon? Consider it good luck that you’re reading this! What we’ve got to tell you could save you some major headaches down the road.

Bathroom Vanities Calgary: Spend Now to Save Later

If you’ve been shopping to price out your renovation already, chances are you’ve visited the hardware store. If you’ve been walking the aisles of your nearest big-box hardware store, you’ve likely seen a lot of cheaply made vanities — but it may not have been obvious. The products available at the big-box stores have served to create a certain perceived price point on things like bathroom vanities. Unfortunately, the quality of these products often doesn’t meet the average consumer’s expectations.

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Bathroom Vanity Calgary – What are my options?

Here’s the thing about bathroom vanities: different types of wood have different moisture ratings. We all know the main risk to any wooden or particle board fixtures (or anything porous, really) in a bathroom — moisture. There’s bound to be plenty of steam in the bathroom you’re renovating, and certain types of wood are able to withstand those conditions.

The other variable that will affect whether your vanity can withstand years of moisture is the coating or veneer on the wood.

Compare an appropriate wood coated in a good quality veneer, with a cheap particle board with a cheap veneer, and the difference is obvious: you’ll be using the former for years to come, while the latter, within a couple of years, will be swollen from the moisture.

Not worth the savings upfront, right?

While We’re At It, About That Sink

Even more important than a high quality vanity is a sink that can withstand what the average homeowner will put it through on a regular basis. Those cheap vanities we mentioned? They also come with cheap sinks. Many are not even CSA-certified!

What happens in bathroom sink? For one thing, a lot of very hot water — shaving, for instance. With very hot water running over the cheap push-drain, the plastic quickly degrades and soon it’s prone to cracking.

We install chrome-coated brass drains that will last 15-20 years. It’s worth the headache you’ll save to have a working sink in your fancy new bathroom.

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Renovating you Bathroom the Smart Way

We work with Calgary-based cabinet-makers and renovation companies who create custom cabinetry that will last. After you get ideas online and have an idea of what you’d like, feel free to give us a call and we can recommend a good contractor. We’ll work alongside them to do the installation and selection of all the fixtures you need. That way, you’ll pay the contractor directly for cabinet/tile work, and us for the plumbing fixtures, which will save you money and still give you top quality workmanship.

And of course, give us a call for any of your bathroom renovation needs!

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