With Barbecues, Natural Gas Wins

Running a Natural Gas Line to Your Barbecue Is the Smart Way To Go

Hoping to have your natural gas line connected so you can enjoy grilling on demand? We do that.

Picture this — the party is going well, and everyone is enjoying themselves. Now it’s later in the evening and time to grill the steaks. But when you try to start the barbecue, you discover that you’re out of propane. That’ll kill the party. No one feels like running out to fill the propane tanks.

Or, it’s a beautiful, early summer evening and you’ve got a chicken roasting on your barbecue’s rotisserie. It’s about halfway done when you check on it, only to discover that the propane has run out. Supper is going to be a bit late!

Backyard Barbecue

If you had a natural gas line to your barbecue, you wouldn’t have to worry about this happening, ever again.

It’s an easy installation. In most cases, we simply tap into the outside gas supply and run a 3/4” pipe as discreetly as possibly to your deck or patio. It can go wherever you prefer to keep your barbecue.

If you’ve already got a natural gas line set up to your barbecue, firing it up for the first time in the spring or summer is simple and straightforward. Turn the service valve near the gas metre back on (it’s a good idea to turn it off before winter just to be safe), clean your barbecue off, and you’re all set!

As an added bonus, natural gas is cheaper than propane.

Run All Your Gas Lines At Once And Save

When the tech is running the gas line to the barbecue, it makes sense from a financial standpoint to also run any other lines in the yard at the same time. This could include a natural gas fire pit or gas heating beneath the garage, even if you don’t plan to install the fixtures right away. Rather than dig up the yard twice for both of these conveniences, even having these lines roughed in all at once could save on landscaping and labour fees in the long run.

Gas heating in the garage is a great option for anyone who is storing goods that need to be at a constant temperature, or like to work in their garage on woodworking or other projects, and there’s nothing nicer than hopping into a warm car on a cold winter day. All of our clients that have heated garages really like them.

One of our clients, a sculptor, loves that his heated garage makes the space usable for his work year-round.

With natural gas lines run to just where you need them, your backyard can give you exactly the experience you’re looking for, all year round.