Appliance Installation Calgary

We Provide Kitchen Fixture and Appliance Installation for;

  • Dishwashers
  • Kitchen Sinks and Faucets
  • Garburators

Maintenance and Repairs for:

  • Kitchen Sinks and Faucets

The kitchen is a very important room in your home. It’s where family and friends often gather to chat about their day or celebrate special occasions. So don’t let an excessively noisy dishwasher, or a clogged garburator, ruin your future dinner parties.

As plumbing professionals with 40+ years of experience, Instant Plumbing will gladly manage any kitchen repairs or installations you need. And if it’s time to upgrade your kitchen, our calgary plumbers are knowledgeable on the latest kitchen trends and quality brands.

Appliance Installation Consultation

    For evening, weekend or holiday service, please call (403) 338-1172.

    Some Appliances and Fixtures that we Install

    Kitchen with a stainless steel fridge and dishwasher


    Improvements in technology mean that dishwashers are quieter and more energy efficient than ever. While we don’t sell dishwashers through Instant Plumbing, we will happily give you suggestions on a brand and model if you are looking to upgrade.

    In addition, we service and install all models aside from Miele (which require authorized installers), and we will dispose of your old one for you.

    Your dishwasher should make your life easier, not cause problems. That’s why, after each installation, we walk you through basic maintenance and trouble-shooting for your new dishwasher. And if a significant issue arises, we’re just a phone call away!
    Underneath a bathroom sink

    Garbage Disposal and Garburators

    Clogs can happen when a garbage disposal or garburator is overloaded with food and debris. As a result, you’re left with a garburator that doesn’t work and sink that doesn’t drain.

    At Instant Plumbing, our plumbers can solve your backed up sink with a kitchen drain cleaning. We can also handle any other repairs or installation work you may need.
    Woman with dough-covered hands using a touch sensitive kitchen faucet

    Kitchen Sinks and Faucets

    If you’re in the market for a beautiful sink and faucet to match the rest of your gourmet kitchen, we’ve got plenty of options available.

    Pot filler faucets take a lot of the grunt work out of cooking by allowing you to fill pots on the stove. No more heavy lifting!

    Or maybe you’re looking for something more practical? Touch sensitive faucets look beautiful with the added benefit of reducing the transference of germs. Cooking with raw meat? Simply tap it with an elbow, and you’re able to wash your hands safely.

    The range of sinks available is just as extensive, including under-mount sinks, over mount sinks, super-deep sinks, double basin sinks, apron kitchen sinks, and bar sinks.

    And don’t feel constrained to porcelain and stainless steel, when there is quartz, bamboo and marble available!


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