Air Conditioning in Calgary

It’s Time to Talk…Air Conditioners!

Okay, we realize that for some of us, talking about air conditioners in March may seem like we’re getting ahead of the play but really, there is method in this particular madness.

Calgary is blessed with some fabulous weather – no really! – and there’s nothing nicer than a long, hot summer.  But for some of us, heat makes us crazy. For those people, Willis Carrier invented air conditioning way back in 1902.

Bet you didn’t know that A/C’s been around that long, did you?

Calgary wasn’t much to look at back in 1902 but times have moved on and nowadays, the demand for air conditioning is a lot more common than it was back in Carrier’s day when only stores and cinemas would benefit from his invention. Particularly in newly built homes and older homes going through a renovation, air conditioning is a big draw in terms of resale down the line. And as in most things, if you’re considering an air conditioning unit, there are some things to decide up front.

How Big Should my Air Conditioning Unit Be?

There are some handy online formulas that will help you figure it out but remember, you should only use them for a general guideline. To determine what’s best for your particular situation and needs, you should talk to a professional.

What Functions Should my Air Conditioner Have?

Do you want to add humidity as well as cool the air? How much? How will you get the best performance from the unit you buy? Understanding some basics about how an A/C unit works is always a good idea.

How Do I Maintain an Air Conditioner?

It’s one thing to have an air conditioner, it’s another to take care of it. For those of you with pre-existing units, now is the time to find a tech and get your air conditioner serviced  – it’s that whole ounce-of-prevention/pound-of-cure thing. For those of you thinking of adding a unit, it’s never too soon to engage your heating and cooling professionals. Once the mercury strays past 28C, it’s hard to find a spot so book early!

What Do A/C Units Cost, and How Long Does it Take to Get One Installed?

The short answer is, “that depends.” If we’re retrofitting an older home, there’s more planning and finesse needed to work around pre-existing fixtures and construction. In new homes, we can be in-and-out in short order particularly if we’ve been able to get engaged in the building process early. Generally, the entire system will cost you between $5,000 and $8,000 and should take about a week. Give or take.

img_245x315_guyWhat Temperature Should my AC Unit be Set At?

A lot of that depends on personal preference but we can tell you that a few degrees can make a big difference to your pocket book. Setting your thermostat to 22C (72F) could increase your cooling costs anywhere from 12 to a whopping 47 per cent. A comfortable 25C (78F) is optimal. And remember, cranking the A/C will not cool your home faster but it sure will send that meter spinning. So to keep the costs down, take it easy on the hydro.

Whatever you decide to do, you can count on us to help you through it. Air conditioning is awesome – whether you like the temperature to hover just a bit cooler than outside or solidly in meat locker territory – we can give you the advice you need to make your choice.