Air Conditioners in the Winter?

That’s right. Not what you expected in November, right? Well, we don’t mean running the air conditioner — we’re talking about thinking ahead to next summer.

If You Don’t Already Have An Air Conditioner

18268272_SFirst of all, while it might seem backwards to install an air conditioner right as winter begins, we argue that it might actually make the most sense. For one thing, you’ll beat the hot weather rush that we always see in June and July. Not only that, but you’ll get this season’s prices rather than waiting until they (potentially) go up next year!

Replacing your furnace soon? Even better! The great news is that you can save on labour costs by having your air conditioner installed at the same time. We’re already in your home, so we save time, and on top of that it’s easier to make space for all elements when we’re already replacing the furnace with a new unit.

If you’re replacing your furnace but not certain you want an air conditioner, you can also keep your options open by having us install the evaporator coil for an air conditioner, so installation will be easy later.

Furnaces are normally 35 inches high now, whereas the old ones we take out tend to be 4-5 feet high. This means there is normally a height difference of at least a foot, which we have to do tinwork to fill in anyhow — so it’s easy for us to put an evaporator coil there as we fill the gap.

If You Have an Air Conditioner in Your Home

During your annual furnace maintenance, have your technician check the air conditioner evaporator coil as well to make sure it is clean and working well, to ensure peak performance of your furnace. If it needs cleaning, we can do that while we’re onsite! This is especially helpful if you missed your annual air conditioner maintenance in the spring.

We can also check the condition of the condenser coil outside, and advise whether it needs any maintenance or whether you should add a cover.

And one last thing that’s especially cool for cold and flu season: how about UV bulbs that can be installed above your air conditioner’s evaporator coil and kill 98% of bacteria and viruses? This includes the common cold and flu. Evaporator coils are the perfect breeding ground for bacteria and viruses as they are always wet and get dirty with the air circulating over them.

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George Pinel
George Pinel

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