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Instant Plumbing guarantees our products and labour for a minimum of 3 years*.

We are a Calgary Plumber that offers a satisfaction guarantee service. Suppliers we work with such as Daikin, offer up to a 12-year warranty on their products.

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Calgary is in constant need of plumbing specialists. We have been serving Calgary, Airdrie, Okotoks and Cochrane for 47 years, building a stellar reputation and serving thousands of happy customers. We firmly believe that we are the Best Plumbers in Calgary.

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We have stunning online reviews which are a testament to the work ethic and high standards that our certified plumbers provide to Calgary, Alberta and the surrounding areas. We also offer 24/7 Emergency Plumbing Service.

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Do you need a Calgary Plumber?, We offer Residential plumbing and are highly rated.

Are you looking for a Calgary Plumber?, We offer a 24/7 Emergency Service and our highly recommended plumbers offer a satisfaction guarantee service. Get Instant Plumbing in Calgary to assist with your plumbing, heating and air conditioning requirements.

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A Reputable Calgary Plumber that you can trust

There are plenty of plumbers in Calgary, but why should you choose Instant Plumbing as your Calgary Plumber of choice?

Well firstly, we are your local family-owned plumbing company, and we genuinely are concerned with your mechanical needs and want to provide you with a high value, comfortable experience with our company. We do our installs the good old-fashioned way and do it once, so we don’t need to return to repair a shortcoming.

Instant has been running a plumbing business here in Calgary for 47 years. Our customer base is strong thanks to the quality work that we perform and our satisfaction guarantee.

Whether it’s plumbing, heating or cooling, we can provide you with a stellar service with a professional and certifieded plumber. If you are still unsure, then please take a look at our fantastic plumbing reviews online.

Essentially, we take a lot of pride in our trade. This means we’re exceptionally responsive, personal (yes, we actually answer our phones), and very well qualified – using only journeymen plumbers and advanced apprentices on-site. We also install nothing but solid, quality fixtures. We are the Calgary Plumber that you have been looking for!

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In partnership with FinanceIT, we offer affordable financing solutions on plumbing & HVAC services. Speak to one of our Calgary Plumbers for more information.

We offer a full range of Plumbing, Heating and Cooling Services

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Emergency Plumbing, Leaks & Burst Pipes

Whether you have a leaking pipe, or it’s the middle of winter and your furnace has stopped working, we can dispatch a Calgary Plumber to assist you 24/7 and 365 days a year.


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We want to assist quickly and efficiently wherever you may be located within our service areas. We can dispatch a Calgary Plumber to you quickly.


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Get flexible payment options on your plumbing or heating projects.


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Common Plumbing Problems in Calgary

We can fix your plumbing issues! Unfortunately, plumbing problems come in all shapes and sizes. Our qualified plumbers are able to assist you with a range of plumbing and heating needs. Contact us to get a Calgary Plumber dispatched to you.


Dripping faucets are not only an annoyance, but they can also waste gallons of water and increase you utility bills.


Blockages can worsen over time until the water can no longer drain from the basin.

plumbing burst pipe


Leaky and burst pipes can quickly cause extensive damage to your home. It is vital that you get the problem fixed as soon as possible.

plumber clogged toilet


A running toilet can cause your water bill to rise quite a lot, it can quickly waste hundreds of gallons of water in a single day.

plumbing plunger


Yes, it happens!, Your toilet can become clogged causing a blockage that doesn’t clear.

low water pressure


When water starts to trickle, it could be a simple fix or an indicator that a more serious problem is the cause.

poly-b piping


Unfortunately, this type of piping is now known to be obsolete. If you have poly-b piping in your home, it is recommended that you have it replaced.

water heater


When you turn on the tap and there is no hot water.. this could indicate a problem with a water heater. Our plumbers can assist you in identifying the issue.

heating repairs


It could be the middle of winter and there is no heat to your home. Call one of our heating experts to assist you.

What are the common causes of Plumbing issues?

Everything breaks down sooner or later. No matter how well-made an item is, degradation will eventually occur. Even the most well-laid pipes installed by the hands of an expert will inevitably run into problems. Small issues like leaky faucets may seem minor, but if any there is any damage at all with pipes, especially ones built into the walls or floors, significant damage and high costs can result.

What, then, are the things that lead to plumbing issues? Here’s what you should look out for.


Out of sight, out of mind. Old pipes laid many years ago may be forgotten, but that doesn’t mean that the problem is not there, ready to strike. Old pipes are typically comprised of a type of metal, most likely a combination of iron and galvanized steel. These metals run the risk of corrosion, which deteriorates the pipe. Tiny holes the human eye can’t even see will start to pop up, causing leaks. Waterflow can get restricted too if the material gets dislodged from one spot and jammed in another place.

How do you make sure that your house is using modern pipes that will last? Most galvanized pipes are commonly used in older homes, but that doesn’t mean that it still isn’t used. An easy way to determine the type of pipes used in your home is to check the shutoff valves and faucets. If the valves look like they’ve been around for half a century, then it is likely that the pipes have been, too.


It can be difficult to know what is going on underground. The roots of trees and shrubs grow and spread everywhere, even around or into pipelines.

If a root makes it close to a pipe, the pipe may bend and even break under stress, resulting in restrictions on water flow or even complete blockages. To remove roots that may have grown into pipes, one may use a drill to break the root down. However, the root will grow back and cause the problem to persist. Chemical root killers are also utilized by experts to destroy any root that poses a risk to any pipe. If the damage is too much, a complete replacement of pipes will be carried out, costing a lot of money, time, and effort.

Pipe Damage

Have you ever experienced a sewage backup in your home? If so, you know that it’s probably the most disgusting plumbing problem that could ever occur. A collapse in sewer pipelines that aren’t necessarily close to your home can cause this issue.

Older sewer pipes constructed with concrete and asbestos can deteriorate and collapse over time. As water flow gets blocked, it looks for the path of the least resistance, which could be up the drains of your home. Fortunately, if the issue does occur, you as a homeowner is not responsible for the damages if the problem is caused by a broken pipeline that isn’t the line that connects your home to the main sewer line.

No pipe is immune to leaks or bursts and there are many reasons why this can happen. Frozen water and even buildup of sediment will cause water blockages, building pressure within the pipes. The pipe will then start to leak, ultimately bursting wide open.

At home, pipes run up and down throughout the whole house. If you find any leaks dripping down from walls or ceilings, immediate repair is required.

Plumbing problems are inevitable, which is why it’s crucial for you to conduct quick inspections once in a while. Assess the age of your house and the types of pipe used. Determine any possible risks that the vegetation around the structure may pose. These tasks will only prove beneficial to you and your wallet.

If you’re looking for a plumber in Calgary, get in touch with us today for a consultation!

Get a Calgary Plumber to fix your plumbing problems!

A Calgary plumber can help you with all of these issues whether it’s a leak, drain cleaning or emergency plumbing. Contact us now for plumbing services in Calgary, Alberta and the surrounding areas.


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The Stunning Reviews of our Calgary Plumbers

When you invite a Calgary Plumber into your home, you want peace of mind that they are certified, qualified and that they will get the job done right. Having served Calgary for over 45 years, we have built a solid reputation over many decades. We are BBB A+ rated and offer a satisfaction guarantee service.


Linda B.

My husband was very happy with the professionalism of the staff and quality of work, As he was a certified carpenter and promotes the trades he was impressed with the level of instruction and the direction given to the person being trained.

We will definitely recommend you and will use your company again if the need should arise.


Swetha S.

Whenever we have any plumbing problems, we always call Instant Plumbing. Their customer service is exceptional. Jeff from Instant Plumbing has come to our home to fix our plumbing issue, and we are very pleased with his professional, courteous, friendly and efficient service.

We purchased a new garburator through them, changed our kitchen faucet and drinking water tap and recently, had our ensuite drain unclogged. We are extremely happy with their products and service.


Sandra S.

Thanks so much for the usual great service from Instant Plumbing and Heating. Greg and Austin came over today to do toilet repair. The same day service and explained the issue to me, showed me the camera view, and all in such a friendly, pleasant manner.

Greg is always patient explaining the problem and solution. Have worked with Instant Plumbing for over thirty years in different homes and always grateful for the quality and reliable customer service provided by George and his teams.


Luc S.

We have used Instant Plumbing in the past, and they are awesome. Today we had Derek doing some work in our ensuite bathroom. Arrived on time, was very professional, spent the time to understand exactly what we wanted to be done, and then completed the work professionally.

He was personable, answered any questions we had and was a real pleasure to deal with. Heck, even our dog liked him (this is a very good thing). Billing was quick and professional via email with the options of paying via cheque, e-transfer, Visa or Mastercard. All in all a great experience. Highly recommend.


Lynn B

Jason went above and beyond to find a replacement cartridge for my shower that was dripping. He spent hours of his own time, on a weekend, researching and driving to different retail places for the particular brand cartridge and finally came upon a rep that could get him one. That part wasn’t available in Calgary. He had the company ship it immediately; he picked it up Monday and was fixing my shower Tuesday morning.

I’ve never had the experience of someone going to that extent to get the job done. Jason made every effort to find the part quickly and fix it. What’s more, he got the cartridge for free! As he claimed, why sell the products when you can’t get parts for them in Calgary? He saved me $200.00. Jason takes pride in his work, is conscientious, friendly and does excellent work.

I’ve already recommended Jason and Instant Plumbing to my friends. Thank you to Jason and Instant Plumbing – very happy with the service and results!