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Looking for a plumbing company in Calgary? CALL (403) 338-1172

Welcome to Instant Plumbing Ltd.! We have been in operation since 1972, are BBB accredited, and offer full residential plumbing services in all areas of Calgary. This includes toilet, drain, faucet and shower repairs or replacements, water treatment systems, gas fitting, and heating and cooling systems such as furnaces, boilers and air conditioning.  We also have plumbers on duty 24/7 for emergency services.

What’s different about us?  Essentially, we take a lot of pride in our trade. This means we’re exceptionally responsive and personal (yes we actually answer our phones), and very well qualified – using only journeymen and advanced apprentices on-site.  We also install only solid, quality fixtures.

So while we’re old fashioned about the way we like to treat our customers, we’ve come a long way since the days of the outhouse.   Please read some of our customer feedback if you’d like to know us better!

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Need a plumber in Calgary? CALL (403) 338-1172

Good-To-Know “Crap”

Thomas Crapper – inventor of the Toilet or was he? He was an Englishman who lived 1836-1910 and is largely credited with being the inventor of the flush toilet. The fact is, Mr. Crapper was a great salesman, businessman and self publicist for the plumbing trade. While he did much to increase the popularity of the flush toilet, and make many design improvements, he did not invent it.  He promoted flush toilets better than anyone else around, and had the very first bathroom fitting showroom in England. His also received several Royal Warrants for his work in sanitary plumbing services.

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Mixing Valve to Prevent Scalding

In compliance with legislation that took effect February 28, 2012, Instant Plumbing is responding to the need to upgrade care homes and seniors’ facilities with temperature regulator mixing valves, also known as thermostatic mixing valves. These can be installed on any water heater to prevent scalding by excessively hot water. Depending on the model, Instant Plumbing’s cost ranges from $500 – $1000 for the mixing valve including installation within the Calgary area. Please give us a call to book your upgrade as soon as possible to avoid missing the upgrade deadline and to get your care facility in compliance.